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Access instant benefits 

When you join adiClub, you earn your first points for becoming a member and enjoy your instant benefits.

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Earn points for what you love

Move, review or shop products to earn adiClub points. As you earn level points and level up, the benefits stack up. And so does your Points to Spend balance! 

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Spend points and get rewards

Redeem your Points to Spend balance to unlock exclusive experiences, vouchers and more. Using these points won’t affect your level, so you can keep levelling up.


Check out what’s happening in adiClub right now. Become a member, start earning points today, and you're one step closer unlocking these rewards.


Sign up for adiClub and get your first 50 points.


Earn 50 points when you complete your adiClub profile (on the adidas App)


Earn points for being active: 0.5 points for every kilometer, 25 points for training session, 25 points for joining running events.


Earn 2.5 points for every AED you spend.


Get discount vouchers for your points.


Use your points to enter members-only giveaways.


Spend points to get vouchers from our partner brands.

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0 – 1,299 points

Welcome Bonus

Members-only products

Access to CONFIRMED app

Early access to sales

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1,300 – 4,999 points

All Level 1 benefits

Members-only sales

3 months free premium access to adidas Running and Training apps

Birthday gift

Level 2 bonus

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5,000 – 12,999 points

All Level 2 benefits

Early access to products

Free personalisation in select stores

Level 3 bonus

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13,000+ points

All Level 3 benefits

Tickets to exclusive events

12 months free premium access to adidas Running and Training apps

Level 4 bonus

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Redeem your adiClub points to unlock up to 12 months of Calm Premium.


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One of a kind VIP treament provided to an adiClub member at Dubai Marathon

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Two women got a chance to climb the Everest Base Camp with Raha. All they had to do was enter the raffle.

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Offered during Members Weeks, adiClub Members had the chance to experience 12 exciting events within the city of Dubai in partnership with Emaar. A truly memorable year made possible through adiClub.

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In celebration of CONFIRMED’s launch in the UAE, members had the exclusive opportunity to experience Coachella like never before - to win a prize inclusive of two passes for Weekend 2, roundtrip airfare, accommodations and more.

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From members only products to the latest releases and prizes, never miss out on what you love from adiClub with the adidas app.


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The latest, most wanted adidas Originals and limited edition collections are available first for adiClub members only.


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Join a global community and earn points while running, hiking, biking and more.


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Training that fits you? Join millions of fitness fans and find the training that suits you, while earning points at the same time. No equipment needed.



This is your chance to get inside and unlock the best of adidas. Earn points to level up and gain access to amazing rewards, including Hype Access, Early Access to Products, adiClub Exclusives, Special Events, Runtastic Premium, Points-only rewards and more. Best of all, it's easy and free to join.

It’s free to join. Simply sign up by downloading the adidas or CONFIRMED app and completing your adiClub profile. You can also sign up at adidas website, in all adidas stores or on both adidas Runtastic apps: adidas Running and adidas Training.

You can join without downloading the apps, but to get the full experience, usage through the apps is recommended. 


Without the apps, you won’t be able to add points when making a purchase in store, and access to certain rewards will be restricted.

You earn level points for everything you do as an adiClub member. You can't spend them, but the more you earn, the closer you get to the next level and even more benefits. All Level points expire 365 days after earning them (example: if you earned Level Points on June 9, 2022, they will expire on June 30, 2023). This period will always finish at the end of the month. A notification will be sent to you before your points expire.

Level Points cannot be transferred between members. Level Points have no cash value and cannot be exchanged for cash.

Levels can also expire. If you do not maintain the number of points required for your level after 12 months, you will be downgraded one level in the membership programme.

In order to requalify, you must earn the correct number of points for your level. The number of points that you will need to requalify depends upon your level. The requalification period starts on the date you reach a new level and ends 12 months later, always at the end of the month.

Every point that you earn after your last level entry will accumulate toward valid requalification points for your level.

Why do I have two point balances in my account?

One balance is for points that help you level up in adiClub. The other balance is for points that you can spend on newly introduced benefits. These balances might have different amounts of points depending on how much you earn or spend. 

Where can I find my points balance?

Please login to your personal adiClub account to find an overview of your points and levels.

How can I spend my points?

There are a number of ways you can spend your Points to Spend using the adidas app: spend them on discount vouchers, buy products, contribute to good cause or invest them into best experiences or partner offers of your choice. The amount of points you need to spend per reward is indicated in the adidas app. Stay tuned for more to come.

Can I spend my existing points?

Yes. Your points history will remain in your account so you can choose to spend them. There is a maximum 100.000 points per account. 

If I spend too many points, will I go down a level?

No. Spending your Points to Spend will not affect your level and you can only spend the available number of points. 


Will my points-to-spend expire? 

To reward our most loyal members, there will be more adiClub benefits for those who earn points on a regular basis. Points to Spend will expire, on a rolling basis and to the end of the Calendar month, 12 months after your last purchase or activity that earned you Points to Spend. But because all good things must come to an end, any Points to Spend can only be retained for a maximum period of 36 months - towards the end of the month - before they expire automatically.


Example: If you earned Points to Spend on 1 January 2022 and 10 January 2022, all your Points to Spend will be saved until end of January 2023. However, if you made a purchase on 21 June 2022 and earned some more Points to Spend, all your Points to Spend will be available for 12 months after that purchase until the end of June 2023. The Points to Spend earned in January 2022 will in any case not be available anymore after the end of January 2025.


Can I redeem points on

Yes. Currently, you can only spend your Points to Spend for discount vouchers and raffles entry on We will be continuously introducing new offers on Until then, download the adidas app and get the best out of adiClub.

Points x Products

Can I purchase products in-store with my points?

No. You can only spend your points on products using the adidas app.

Why can't I find products that I can purchase with my points?

Please check that you are using the adidas app and be aware that redeemable products are limited. Follow the announcements in the app and never miss out.

Can I return a product I purchased with my points?

The return period for all products purchased with your points is 30 days after delivery. After we have received your product(s) back, your spent points are returned to your account within 14 days. Please be aware that you will not be able to get the same product with your points twice even if you have returned the product.


Points x Discount Vouchers

I purchased a discount voucher using my Points to Spend; where can I use it?

Usually, you can use your discount voucher on the adidas app, on, and in our Retail Stores. Please read the terms & conditions of your voucher found here.

I purchased a discount voucher using my Points to Spend; how long is it valid?

Usually, vouchers are valid for 90 days. Please read the terms & conditions of your voucher.

Can I return a discount voucher I purchased with my points?

No. However, you can use your voucher within 90 days after purchase. You can subscribe to our newsletter here to not miss the opportunity for your benefit.

Points x Good Causes

Will I get a donation report once I have contributed points to a good cause of my choice?

No. Unfortunately, points contributions are not tax deductible.

Is it possible to see the history of my good cause contributions?

Yes. Please go to your adiClub profile and click on MEMBERSHIP HISTORY to see all movements on your points accounts.

Can I subscribe to regular good cause contributions?

No. Not yet. However, you can contribute to good causes of your choice as often as you want.

Can I get my points back if I want to withdraw my contribution to a good cause?

No. Withdraws are not possible.

Points x Partnerships

The partnership voucher I want to buy with points is out of stock. Will it come back?

It might come back. Please check it out on a regular basis.

My partnership voucher does not work. What should I do?

If you do not receive a partnership voucher code either directly after your purchase or in your adiClub profile under the voucher section or via email, please contact adidas Consumer Service here. If you have a voucher code and it does not work on the website of our partner, please contact our partner's Consumer Service.

Can I return a partnership voucher and get my points back?

No. You can't return a partnership voucher and get your points back.

Can I transfer my bought partnership voucher to another adiClub account?

No. Unfortunately, neither vouchers nor point transfers are possible.

You can find your current point balance and membership level via the adidas and CONFIRMED app or by logging in and checking the ‘My Account’ section at adidas website.

Currently, adiClub members can only earn points on adidas own-brand products and services.